The Technology

The history of man-made glass as a glazing material dates back almost 6000 years, when it was first utilized to add a decorative touch to stone beads. As time has progressed, the role of glass has expanded significantly and it has now become an integral part of modern urban skylines and architectural structures. The growing popularity of glass in construction has led to a steady increase in demand for architectural glass globally.

Despite its aesthetically pleasing appearance, the use of glass in construction is not without its challenges and costs, particularly in regions with harsh environmental conditions, such as the GCC. The extreme heat present in these areas can cause glass to deteriorate and discolor, leading to increased maintenance costs and reduced investment in glass-constructed buildings.

Revive. Protect. Maintain.

To address these challenges, Ritec offers a comprehensive and reliable solution that provides protection from the elements and guarantees a lasting and low-maintenance solution for building owners, architects, and companies. With a proven track record in various industries, including cruise ships, railways, offshore, and residential properties, Ritec is a trusted provider of architectural material protection. With operations in over 70 countries, Ritec has the capability to reach a broad range of customers and meet the demands of an increasingly global market.

In the face of the devastating effects of climate change, Ritec envisions itself as the future standard for protecting architectural materials. Ritec Middle East offers three specialized solutions, each specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a particular application, providing building owners, architects, and companies with the best possible solution to meet their needs.

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Abdulrahman Al-Fayez

Middle East Marketing Partner

Abdulrahman Al-Fayez, Ritec’s official marketing partner in the Middle East region, studied International Business and developed a passion for architecture, construction, and environmentally friendly solutions from a young age. In the GCC specifically, Abdulrahman observed and admired towering buildings with exceptional exteriors but also witnessed them deteriorate rapidly with time, prompting him to find a solution. Though home to many of the modern world’s most note-worthy architectural masterpieces, engineers and architects in the GCC still struggle to keep the outer look of these buildings intact. Ritec Middle East offers relief from this persistent struggle against the elements.