Sunshine Without the Headache: How Ritec Can Improve Your Health

  • January 10, 2023

The sun quite literally supports life on earth. For us humans, the sun provides several essential health benefits that we acquire from vitamin D intake. There are, however, some notable downsides to sun exposure, perhaps none more damaging than overexposure to ultraviolet rays. These rays burn the skin and impair its elasticity, accelerating aging.

As newer buildings continue to increase their use of glass to provide easier access to natural light indoors, the need to address sun protection grows. Indoor protection from the sun is equally as crucial as the cremes and blocks we use outdoors. By preserving the original light transmission of glass in windows, curtain walling, roof lights, and other architectural features, glass surface protection allows us to enjoy brightly lit spaces without worrying about skin deterioration.

Architects have long recognized the impact of environmental illumination on human health and well-being. Architectural glass's light transmittance, or 't-Value,' remains a vital industry performance standard. Glass loses its light transmittance as it gets dirtier. Lower t-Values can harm one's comfort and health, as well as the productivity of building residents and visitors.

Providing access to natural light also reduces the demand for artificial lighting and heating expenses. This means that utilizing all that sunshine benefits the well-being of building residents and visitors while incurring fewer costs for their pocket and the environment.

Natural lighting is known to enhance employee happiness and health, which in turn improves moods, performance at work, and productivity. Architects recognize this and are increasingly responding to health, safety, and comfort demands.

Unfortunately, regular glass requires a lot of upkeep, is hard to keep clean, and increases a building's carbon footprint through continual chemical and fuel consumption. With Ritec's unique formula and technology, glass need not present such a hassle for building owners and residents or a burden for the environment. With nearly 40 years of performance and durability experience, ClearShield Eco-System makes glass 'non-stick,' is easy to clean, and requires 50% less regular maintenance.

Invest in your mental health, your skin's health, and the planet's health with one single formula. Visit for more information and to book your next consultation.